Saturday, July 12, 2008

Macross F (eps 14) - Maaya!

After a long wait (13 episodes), we finally get to see/hear Maaya in Macross F (other than the opening song, of course).

Apparently, if I had watched the credits or stuck around to read the comments, I would have known a full week earlier that Maaya was voicing Ranka's mom, but alas, I'm not THAT bored.

It was great to hear Maaya's rendition of Aimo, considering she is credited with lyrics (?) on the soundtrack. Too bad, we only get like 15 secs before Ranka's seiyuu takes over. Grr.... Hopefully, this means that we can expect a Maaya version to appear on CD in the future. Macross F's 2nd soundtrack perhaps?

Oh, the timestamp is 17:30 for those other Maaya freaks who don't care about the show's mediocre plot or giant robots and just want to skip to the good part. :)

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