Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sushi Siam - not a Sammy Sushi

Continuing the reviews of restaurants I visited 4 months ago, that may not even be around...

My mom and I tried Sushi Siam, a Thai / Sushi place recently opened next to the Target in the new Washingtonian Plaza. Funnily enough, she had described it to me as a sushi place (well, it does have sushi in the title), but never having been there before, wasn't aware that it also served Thai food. (This is what happens when you don't pay attention in geography class, kids. Maybe I should start speaking broken French when we go get pho next time?)

Anyway, we started out with some deep fried tofu, because my mom likes it, but it was bland for my tastes. (agedashi tofu, this was not) I also didn't particularly care for the sauce, which was some sort of spicy nutty sauce (but very different than a chicken satay dipping sauce.

Not being quite in the mood for sushi, but being somewhat in the mood for greasy Thai noodles, I ordered the pad see ew. Overall, I think this is a safer bet than pad thai, since each restaurant does pad thai a little differently with different toppings. Personally, I'm not a fan of uncooked mung beans, but a bit of chopped peanuts and shredded carrots can really bring out the dish. Regardless, I am always pleased when Thai restaurants do NOT use chinese broccoli, but instead use plain old broccoli. This dish turned out pretty well, if a little greasy. I would say the balance of egg to broccoli to meat to noodle came out very well. I like veggies, but it didn't feel like they were skimping out on meat or anything either. The sweetness was also pretty well-balanced with the saltiness. Overall, I would say this was just a really well-balanced pad see ew.

My mom tried the sashimi sampler. Nothing spectacular there. Plating was also mediocre, but then again, it was pretty cheap, so what do you expect. It's a sign when even the sashimi comes with the pinkish ginger instead of the pale yellow ginger. (which is far superior. Much stronger flavor and crunch. I have a story about the ginger at Sammy's, but that should go in a later revisit post to Sammy Sushi.)

Overall, well-balanced Thai place trying to cash in on the sushi fad, but can you really blame them? Still, miles better than Tara Thai. (not the same as Thai by Tara. I still wouldn't go to either one.)

Sushi Siam
31 Grand Corner Ave
Gaithersburg MD 20878
(301) 417-0005

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