Saturday, April 12, 2008

Events from last week

Saturday (M's b-day party):

The awesome: Watching him open gag gifts his friends bought for him. Also, the food.
The amusing: playing I-never with various people from the lab and their significant others.
The not-so-awesome: Having my dish come out not quite complete. (I need to get a larger steamer, dangit!)

Sunday & Monday(hanging out with my cousing, S):

The awesome: My cousin's a pretty cool guy.
The amusing: Having him try two variants of not-good-for-you fries: carne-asada fries, and In-n-Out's animal-style fries.
The not-so-awesome: One of my other cousins (Z) chose to do his co-op in Texas instead of SD?

Tuesday (Anne-Sophie Mutter in concert):

The awesome: Anne-Sophie Mutter in concert.
The amusing: Having Lambert Orkis sign the cd for an album he didn't accompany her on.
The not-so-awesome: Not bringing some of my other cd's because there wasn't any mention of a signing on LA Phil's website.

Friday (Jennifer Frautschi in concert):

The awesome: Jennifer Frautschi in concert (Beethoven violin concerto to boot!)
The amusing: Seeing Prof. and Mrs. Frautschi at the concert.
The not-so-awesome: Too much echo in the cathedral (not sure what to expect there), getting seated at the end even though I bought an aisle seat, guy in front of me blocking my view.

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