Sunday, August 3, 2008

who designed these things?

Does anyone else find the Twilight to look more than a little like the classic B-wing? You'll have to click through to see the alternate views of the Twilight, as there are two wings that fold out vertically (just like a B-wing).

As for why it is 100 bucks, well, hell if I know. It used to be there would only be one set in the $100 range for any particular lineup (with maybe two $5 sets, two $10 sets, two $20 sets, one $30 set and one $50 set), but LEGO has gotten a lot more popular it seems, especially with the Star Wars crowd, that they can charge these kinds of ridiculous prices.

Still, one does tend to find some good deals in the online LEGO shop, occasionally, such as the $200 ISD Mark I. Hmm, I wonder if anyone has made a retrofit into a Mark II yet?

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