Saturday, March 1, 2008

this made my day.


Finally, Maaya and YK collaborate again. I think a lot of people were sad when they went different ways in 2005, but it's not like her work has gotten worse (though that is the opinion of some people). It does have a slightly different feel now, but I still enjoy it.

Anyway, the probably biggest draw for this on the anime side is that this the return of an anime produced by Shoji Kawamori, scored by Yoko Kanno, with an opening sung by Maaya. Last time this happened, we got Escaflowne. Previous Shoji Kawamori and Yoko Kanno works (without the presence of Maaya) have ranged from the somewhat cult-ish and strange (Arjuna) to the rather episodic, but fairly fun to watch (Aquarion). Oh yeah, and this is for Macross Frontier, the new series for Macross's 25th anniversary (which is probably why the new fighter is the YF-25). So, hopefully we can get some more fans from the Macross-watching pool.

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