Sunday, February 17, 2008

stolen ideas!

two examples of video games stealing my ideas:

1. When they announce the capabilities of the Wii controller, I immediately told James that there should be a cooking game. A couple months later, Taito announced Cooking Mama: Cook Off. James later rented it; our impressions? the best part was the accent when you did well, and mama says: "better than mama". Yeah, the controls were kinda off.

2. Long ago, I had the idea for software that outsourced mathematical problem solving to India instead of developing an actual algebraic computer system. I even parodied Maple's old slogan of "Harness the brilliance of a thousand mathematicians" by inserting "Indian" into it. At some point, Maple changed their slogan, which forced me to dig around for an old copy for one scene in my lloyd video masterpiece: ACM 95a emergency procedures. And then, someone comes out with a math drill game for the DS that features some Indian guy (I wouldn't have a clue how to convert back the katakana into an Indian name...).

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