Monday, February 18, 2008

I get comments. seriously!

I generally don't expect comments on my blog, for a number of reasons:

1. I'm too lazy to post regularly.
2. I'm too lazy to format everything to look pretty.
3. Have you seen the breadth of topics that my posts cover. Not just strange popular culture, but really really obscure references, technology discussions, rants about education, and restaurant "reviews".

Nevertheless, I was wondering why some recent posts didn't make it online, and it was because I hit "save now" instead of "publish post". So I went ahead and published some posts that had been sitting there.

and that's when I noticed that I actually had comments.

The first is from Kirk who thanked me for linking him. Not that it matters; I assume my pagerank is so anemic as to really do nothing for his. Still, one has to admire his dedication as a food blogger. I did some cursory searching for a similar-level of food blog in other major metropolitan areas (so I could find good places in LA, DC, and NYC on my visits there), but didn't have any luck. I guess that naturally raises the question of whether having a local food blogger count as an incentive to move to an area. *shrug*

The second is from my post on my USPC 2007 results:
"I love this blog. I myself have a special interest in Web Suduko"

It looks fairly normal, until you realize points 1-3 above. Also, running around the linked website reveals that it is probably some sort of phishing/scam site. The same content regurgitated across multiple posts with images and links to fishy places... My favorite part of the linked post has to be this section:

free online web sudoku

free web soduko

free web sudoko

free web sudoku

free web suduko

which is clearly designed to get more search engine hits. I guess the fact that the comment was located on that specific post should have been a dead giveaway. The only person who I could imagine having some interest in my USPC performance is J, and only because we discussed the competition afterwards.

And this time, I got spam about increasing your pagerank, etc., etc. To quote Strongbad, "DELETED!".

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Blogger KirkK said...

Ok - So now I know you're "Hao". I still visit...... I do realize that I have food-obsession disorder...unfortunately, it's terminal! ;o)

February 19, 2008 at 3:09 PM  

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