Tuesday, April 1, 2008

time to buy more music

For some reason, I was approved to be a CDJapan affiliate. I guess that means I can now post links to items from their website and get some kickback if purchases are made. Even better, apparently I can take advantage of this to get kickbacks for my own purchases. Undoubtedly this is probably the ONLY way I will get any benefit from this system, and yet, I got approval to be an affiliate.

Anyway, that being said, first up are the latest singles from Maaya Sakamoto. (*sniff*, she used to have her own special page on cdjapan's website, but now she's not even listed under female jpop artists)

Triangler, the new intro theme to Macross Frontier. (As previously blogged, I have high hopes for this series.)

Saigo no Kajitsu, the intro theme to Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations. I'm not sure what the relationship is between that and Tsubasa Chronicle.

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