Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Snow Leopard Cometh

Well, Snow Leopard is out, and I've read the review. Here's my brief rundown:

- performance improvements (resolving that dreaded kernel_task/CPU/overheating issue somewhat, I hope)
- decreased size (freeing up a few GBs for my paltry 80GB hard drive)
- gamma 2.2 (so I don't have to worry about color differences when my website is viewed on Mac vs. PC)

- 64-bit apps (breaking the widescreen hack to Mail and the SIMBL-based color hack to Terminal) [these are not insignificant UI fixes that would not be particularly difficult for Apple to implement natively...]

Things I'm excited about that don't affect me at all:
- XCode 3.2 & Clang (cuz who doesn't like a compiler with a metallic silver dragon logo that doesn't support the programming language you use)
- QuickTime X (cuz hardware-based H.264 acceleration is nice IF your graphics card/chipset is supported)

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