Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wonderful security lesson from UCSD

From UCSD (summarized by me):

How to use the UCSD encrypted wireless network:

1. download this file from our website
[note: safari wouldn't let me save it as it was, forcing me to change the extension when saving, and then changing the extension back after it was downloaded]

2. double-click the icon

3. if it asks you for your password, enter it in and click ok


Yes, I was told to download a file, open it, and enter in my computer's password. Hmmm, if I didn't know what was actually going on, this would set off all kinds of warning bells. It is so nice that UCSD neglects to explain what it is I am doing and why I should click the "always trust" button when "this root certificate is not trusted", because any potential scammer/botnet creator/hacker/identity theft is sure to explain the mechanics behind why a root certificate is not verified and why entering in my password is ok.

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