Friday, June 5, 2009

11-year old genius, my ass

From the 11-year old graduating from East LA Community College:
"I feel it's a waste of time playing video games because it's not helping humanity in any way"

Yes, but so too is martial arts. (unless perhaps, you go into special forces. Let's not even mention his goal of being a movie actor...) For mental well-being, people do all sorts of activities to relax. Sure, some of them help humanity (volunteering at a homeless shelter, for instance), and some of them don't (yoga, television, video games). To take a stance on video games when you yourself are engaged in activities that don't help humanity is simply hypocritical.

Of course, calling an 11-year old a hypocrite is just plain silly, but when you're being put on a pedestal for graduating from college early, I feel justified in attacking your narrow view of the world.

And just to be clear, graduating from a community college when you are 11 is NOT a big achievement. I have no doubts that this kid is gifted, but to claim that he has thoroughly mastered any academic subject is a bit of a joke. The 14 year-olds making groundbreaking achievements in mathematics are geniuses; all this kid has shown is that he can read and recite from textbooks. His description of wormholes clearly demonstrates a lack of deep understanding of the topic.

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