Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ultra-rare Delicacies

In the interests of Thanksgiving, here's a food-based post based on the following conversation I had with a friend:

[18:32] lhopitalified: i wonder what [giant] isopods taste like
[18:32] friend: probably
[18:32] friend: delicious

in our discussion of deep sea organisms. Big-ass crustacean? It has to be tasty! According to wikipedia, all I need to do is travel to northern Taiwan to try some Giant Isopod. DELICIOUS!

Of course, there are other ultra-rare delicacies to be had based on the rarity or difficulty in catching certain animals. Panda meat, for example, is quite clich├ęd, so I have some others up my sleeve:

Foie Gras (Ankimo style) - Ankimo (monkfish liver) is delicious. I assume Foie Gras has a similar richness, though I've never actually tried it. Since monkfish naturally have fatty livers, probably as an adaptation for buoyancy underwater, if you force feed it for two weeks and then harvest the liver, I would imagine it would make for some excellent Ankimo. Of course, it should also be prepared in the standard foie gras styles (mousse, parfait).

Peking Duck-billed Platypus - This one is mostly on the list because of the ingenius portmanteau I came up with for the name.

Giant Squid Chowder - The key here is the serving. Instead of a bread bowl, I wonder if you could use a carved and cooked part of the Giant Squid itself. I'm not too sure how it would hold up with a hot soup inside, but I think it would be pretty neat.



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