Monday, November 5, 2007

Math Club...

may now be meeting twice a week. Yikes!

Yes, I'm in charge of the Preuss middle school math club. I figured since Preuss is all about academic achievement, it needed a math team, but things are so competitive at the high school level, that it really only makes sense to start with the middle-schoolers. Currently, we meet on Mondays, but now the kids want to meet on Wednesdays as well!

I guess they were finally convinced today that they need some extra work after I gave them a warmup from the MathCounts handbook and they didn't do so well. Before, I used to cover some topics I thought were interesting, but they thought I was always pitching something too difficult. (probably true) Nevertheless, the problems I was giving them were not particularly harder than what they would see at an actual MathCounts competition.

Anyway, I am currently in contact with a different teacher to see if we can use another room for Wednesdays as the current teacher who is helping us is only around after school on Mondays. Hopefully we will be able to meet two times a week. Furthermore, if I can get the average warmup score into the 6+ range (instead of the current 1.5), I am confident that the kids can be reasonably competitive at the chapter level.



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