Thursday, November 8, 2007

The PTL Synaesthetic Color Space

Because we don't have enough color spaces, I have come up with another one of my own. Relying on precise measurements of colors that are induced by tones of varying pitch, timbre, and loudness in sound-color synaesthetes, it should be possible to create an alternate color space. I don't believe that the same is possible using grapheme-color synaesthetes, because although such synaesthetes are, overall, more consistent in their synaesthesia, there is not good space for graphemes to begin with that will also provide for a smooth gradation of colors. Sound-color synaesthetes on the other hand, do appear to have smooth gradations, which should yield a pretty good mapping. In order to boost their consistency in color-matching, we just need to look for the ones that also have absolute pitch.

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