Saturday, October 30, 2010

The ongoing search for the "Perfect Black Pen"

Partially inspired by this post, I've decided to blog my continuing search for the "Perfect Black Pen".

My own personal ideal has 3 main points:
(1) fine-point smooth dark ink (0.38mm Uniball Signo)
(2) retractable
(3) nicely weighted slim metal body (like a nice drafting pencil)

The ability to write smoothly in a dark ink is the biggest priority and is also the biggest restriction on the latter two, because gel pens have the nasty property of being quite wide, which means they don't fit very well in slim metal bodies (not that many of those even exist for pens).

Right now I use a silver-body G2 Limited with a black 0.38mm Uniball Signo cartridge. The pen looks nice and writes very well, but the body is still quite cheap (in comparison to nice drafting pencils). In particular, the metal body feels like an alloy of some sort (instead of brushed aluminum or stainless steel), and there is a preponderance of plastic parts that feel cheap (namely, the clip, tip, and clicker). The body is also not slim enough to fit in my organizer, which is a bit problematic, since I would really like to replace the Pentel ballpoint I have in there right now.



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