Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Album from Maaya!

Apparently, Maaya is coming out with a new album for her 15th anniversary (of debuting with Yoko Kanno on Escaflowne). Of course,
is the requisite link to purchase it on CDJapan, so that I can get a few percentage worth of kickback. (which is quickly becoming necessary with the current dollar's weakness against the Yen) Yes, Nintendo, you're not the only one suffering.

In other news, they are using some fancy material/method called SHM-CD, which is supposed to "sound better". It may have been a factor in the past when CD quality was poor, but my understanding these days is that you really don't get bit errors anymore when reading CDs, so having a "cleaner" signal really doesn't mean much when it's all processed digitally anyway.

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