Thursday, January 8, 2009

Missing Textbooks

Here is a list of textbooks I own that have gotten misplaced sometime over the past 3 years, possibly in the same box or something. I no longer have any hope for retrieval, but here, I will mourn their passing.

Moore & McCabe - Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (4th edition - Magritte artwork on cover)
Parker - The Military Revolution
Nestler, Hyman, & Malenka - Molecular Neuropharmocology (1st edition, paperback)
Alberts et al. - Molecular Biology of the Cell (4th edition, hardcover, really just called "The Cell")
??? - Optics (blue hardcover, small silver diagram, rather old-timey: pre-color diagrams)

I will probably never have these books on my shelves again, as I very rarely buy the same thing twice. (Hey, you would buy Firefly again in blu-ray if it only cost 30 Canadian dollars, too!)

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